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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Growing Before Our Eyes

How time flies!!! My co-worker brought in her 2 week old yesterday and it was crazy to see a newborn; made me realize how TINY Rory was just a short while ago, and how much she has grown since then. (Since all I was concentrating on was how little she is in comparison to all the other kids her age.)

I have given up trying to breastfeed during the day/afternoon because I was prolonging pumpings hoping to bf and then when she wouldn’t I would miss out on whole pumping sessions, and my production went down. So I’m back on schedule; she wakes up for her early morning feedings and I can get in anywhere from 2-3 of those before leaving for work. I pump for the first time right before leaving after her last morning feeding, (around 6am) and pump every 3 hours for the rest of the day for a total of 6 pumpings. Before that last 9pm pumping at bed, I can sometimes get her to bf for it. I’ve also started taking fenugreek to help with supply. All in all I can get anywhere from 12-16 oz pumped each day (plus whatever she is getting when she bfs). Which should be enough, especially considering we have started her on food too (rice cereal first then bananas, which she LOVES).

But she must be going through a crazy growth spurt because she recently began waking up as early as midnight for a feeding again, then every 2 hours after that till morning. And she is not satisfied with just a bottle (no matter the size) at night; she needs rice cereal to be content. With her added hunger, I have not been able to produce enough; last week we used 2 batches of frozen milk, and last night we supplemented with a large bottle of formula. She seemed to be fine with it; I tasted it and thought it tasted stale and gross; breast milk tastes WAY better! I don’t mind a bottle of formula every now and then as long as she is getting mostly breast milk. Boy is this tough! We will see how long my production holds out. I’m hoping to be producing for her for up to 2 years old, but we will see.

She is so active its crazy; she chews on her feet all the time, and is not pacified to just sit anymore; she wants to be playing, and entertained. We are looking around to get a rainforest jumparoo; from what I have read and heard kids LOVE them and apparently walkers actually hinder development for walking.

I came up with awesome Halloween costumes too (thanks Lindsey and Melissa); Ryans going to be Hef (he already has that so he doesn’t need to buy anything), Ill be a playboy bunny and Rory will be a baby bunny! (And meaningful, since Ryan calls me his honey bunny and Rory his baby bunny). Im excited to get pictures taken of her. :0)

I know there is more to update on, but I don’t get around to posting often enough and by the time I do post I have forgotten what I wanted to post about! Ahhh, mommy brain.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Clone Wars

Above: Rory at about 3 months, and then me, at 4 months.

Ryan told me the other day, "You just went and cloned yourself... what the hell did you need me for?"

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

She HAS grown...

I LOVED Laura's idea of the same clothes to show how much our little ones have grown, so this is my version: At 4 days old and 4 months old.