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Thursday, April 8, 2010

We Have Teeth!!!

What a week! Tuesday Rory cut her first tooth. So after that fever she got last week and her first steps, what a surprise! I’m wondering now if the fever was a pre-curser to the tooth. Cheryl said that Ryan got a high fever each time before his teeth. So we will watch for that fever again and it might indicate another tooth is on the way. Anyway, so Tuesday morning Aurora woke up fussier than I have ever seen her – for no apparent reason. Normally she is so happy to wake up and we do stretches and change her diaper, get into her clothes, and off to Diane’s. But this particular morning she was crying and fussy and was very unhappy. She was still winy if you held her and watch out if you set her down for a second.

Well Diane said she was a little grumpy that day too, and we picked her up, and Ryan fed her dinner. Melinda was over because Nathan was out of town this week for work, and just as Ryan finished feeding Aurora dinner and was cleaning her up in her high chair, he started jumping all around the kitchen yelling “I found a tooth, I found a tooth!” I was like, what? Are you serious? Get out! But no, there it was, the middle-right tooth on the bottom poking through! She was much happier after it cut through her gums and has been a happy camper since then. Although, she does bite too hard once in a while on something and I think hurts her gums up top or her cheeks on the side.

Ryan put in the pull up bar in the living room last night so I’m excited to soon start my new program.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Family Updates...

Aurora is almost 11 months old! And 4 days before turning 11 months old (yesterday to be exact), she took her first steps! YOU GO GIRL! It was so cute. She was so tentative about it, like she was thinking “Im going to try something, but Im not quite sure how this is going to end up…” my friend Alyssa was there to witness it, and so was Ryan. We even got a few of the after steps on video. Now this is no where near walking, that will probably come in the upcoming weeks, but its so exciting none the less. So she stood on her own for the first time at exactly 10 months, and now walking at 11. :0)

Other than that, she can wear all 6 month old clothing now. All of her smaller sized shirts and dresses though still fit her small frame. (It’s mostly her jammies that she grows out of quickly since she is of average height she gets too tall for things with feet on them). Some of my favorite shirts to go with jeans were actually little dress/shirts that went with little bloomers and are newborn size! But they look so darn cute as shirts with her little jeans. I’m so excited to dress her for the upcoming events of Easter, her birthday then Mother’s Day. I’m actually stoked that she is standing and will be walking for them, since it makes the dresses all the cuter when she is standing like a little lady in them.

She loves eating the same food as us, and as long as we have food on our plates and are eating, she will take bites from us. STILL NO TEETH! I’m so annoyed because she soo wants to be eating more grown up food but doesn’t have any teeth to assist her. And there are none in sight either. I am beginning to wonder if she even has any teeth under those gums! Lol. She did get a fever this week though. Monday I went to pick her up from Diane’s and she had a fever of 102. I stayed home with her in the morning since Ryan had an inspection and then he came back after noon and took over. She was such a sweetie; didn’t whine or cry at all, just slept a lot and wanted to cuddle. It finally broke on Wed and she went back to Diane’s on Thursday. But she now has a cough and a really congested nose. Poor dear. Hope she is fully better for Sunday. So she has had a total of 3 colds and this one fever by her 11th month birthday.

Her desire to communicate is growing too. There have been many times that I swear she says something. I’m sure it is just a coincidence but one thing is for sure; she is babbling like crazy and she thinks she is saying something important. Her sounds are so cute too. She does a “deedle deedle” where she sticks her tongue in and out, and of course her “bobble bobble” where she does a sound like an Indian but with the back of her hand, she claps, she does high five, and she does a “dance dance dance” where she shimmies her shoulders up and down alternating them, and its so freaking cute. We have a few instances of it on video and I really want Ryan to put them into a video montage of it. I might get desperate enough to learn the editing software for myself.

Today my step-dad, mom and Ryan are all home putting in our new wood flooring in the living room, hall and den. Im soooo excited to finally have this project done! I didn’t mind the concrete for a long time but at a certain point, you just want real flooring! More for Aurora than anything else. I cant wait to get it in and pick out some nice area rugs. I love you honey, you are the best! And special thanks to Wayne and my mom, who we couldn’t have done any of it without your help!

And I ordered the P90X program… I’m committed to get ripped in 90 days. And it coincides with the biggest loser challenge that me and some other co-workers are doing. Im going to do a separate blog about it and do nasty muffin top photos in my pair of skinny jeans (as in jeans that I used to be able to fit in when I was skinny, NOT the new style of jeans with tapered legs that make everyone look like a cow), the whole bit. If I fail, I will do it in front of all my friends and family. Good motivation, I think.

OH and my bestest friend from college, Venissa is having a girl! Her shower is the day before Aurora’s bday party and Im so stoked. Little girl stuff is too much fun! She’s scheduled for a C-section at the end of May so our little girls will both be May babies together. AWWWWWW.

Ok that’s it for now! Sorry I’m so MIA on here, life happens…