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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Changing Times and Tides!

Now the Ryan and I are past the baby hump, it seems like it has all gone by so fast. Ill have to do a top 10 most significant things that have happened to us this year soon. Anyway, Abby is 10 months old!!! I cant believe my little baby is almost a year old. Her teeth have been coming in like gang busters. The whole top row was showing white and was a race to the finish. First up was her top middle right. Then the middle left. And just a week ago was the one next to the top right. How the left one is coming in too. She has been sleeping much better through the night now that they have come through. She also took her first steps on Rory's birthday, at Cheryl's house for their birthday celebration. 3 unsure steps before falling down. She had much more capability than she has the confidence for, but it didn't take her long; yesterday she started walking! Legit, full fledged toddling balancing walking between people and things! For the record, I said she would be walking by Memorial Day. Her hair is getting much lighter but is still brown, and has this one long clump right up on top that is several inches long while the rest is not even an inch. She has the baby comb-over where Rory had the baby mullet. She is a very happy baby overall and flaps her arms and legs enthusiastically when she is excited. Mostly when she sees me, or is being held by me. I almost need a helmet for protection.She also loves climbing up the stairs, and has a knack for getting to the top before you even notice she has started doing it. Although she is pretty good about going down feet first facing the stairs on her own, for obvious reasons we are trying to re-set habits of putting up the gate when we are in the house. Diane admitted to us that in addition to having the nastiest smelling poop she has ever experienced, her unhappy crying is the most ear piercing, un-ignorable one she has had too. Always striving to be the best at something, even if it is an undesirable trait, us Cross women.Ryan just took both girls to the doctor for their check ups and Abby was at 15 lbs, Rory at 27.

Rory's 3rd birthday at Disneyland was a success, and she thoroughly enjoyed the day.  I did not thoroughly enjoy going to California Adventure specially for the new Little Mermaid ride to find out it was closed, and Ryan did not thoroughly enjoy waiting in line for over an hour to get aprox 15 seconds with 3 Disney princesses, one of which gave Rory the once over and an internal eye roll when she found out that "Aurora" was her name. But the day was about Rory, so even though we didnt get on all the rides WE would have liked to, or get in at opening or stay until closing, it was exactly what it was supposed to be. Thanks to her friend Luke, she got her face painted and a princess wand that lights up in the dark. She is still unsure however, whether the experience was worth giving up the pacifier or not though.She asks for it often, and for the first week without it was very moody and easy to upset, even during the day and at times other than when she normally got the pacifier (like bedtime and in the car). We have stayed strong though, and this second week has been much better. She is doing great with the potty too. She has a few accidents here and there - times when she wets her undies a little if we dont ask her often enough or once in a while with the pooping since she seems to have trouble holding it until she gets to the potty if she has the urge.Those are pretty gross and I usually pretend I'm busy doing something else and cant get it. I know my secret is safe here since Ryan doesn't read my blog. Muahahahaha! So she is only in diapers overnight. Most of the time if it is not convenient we don't even put one on for her nap times.

Skye and Danielle's little man Axel made his appearance on May 9th after a stressful accident occurred the day before (a drunk driver took out both Skye's Corolla and his Jeep). I guess our family is all about the sharing of birthdays, because the 9th is Danielle's mom's birthday (and Ryan's mom's brother's birthday as well). Danielle delivered at UCSD and did an awesome job, as tired and in pain as she was; Axel was 22 inches long and 9 lbs, 4 oz - the first scale was broken and said 7 lbs; one look at the kid and they should have known that was wrong. Anyway, he totally has Skye and Wayne's dimpled chin, and apparently has the lightest blue eyes. We only got to see him so far in the hospital and for Mother's Day, and rightfully so everyone let him stay in his mommy's arms and he slept most of the time. But I cant wait to check out those eyes for myself!

Then there is me. My lunchtime running has had its tribulations, that is for sure. First I had the ankle and knee pain. Looked it up. Started doing exercises (ankle rotations and toe rises) to help it out. Good to go. Then came the hip pain. Looked it up/talked to cousin Nathan who is training for a marathon. Likely cause from adding too much distance on too soon. Great. Lay off the distance, pay attention when it starts to hurt, do lots of stretching and more stretching... well I think Im finally at a good place and have built up my muscles and ligaments and feel pretty strong overall. On Tuesday I was able to do my whole [shortened] run without walking at all, no pain during or after. So Ill continue that for the next week or two and then add on distance slowly. I would also like to try to do the run 3 times a week, but we will see if that is feasible! As far as my weight is concerned, it seems to have leveled at ~134 (just over or just under depending on the day) and I now fit in ALL of my pre-pregnancy clothes, which is freaking awesome.I also did measurements since I had taken them from when I did P90X and I had lost several inches everywhere from my biggest after delivering to now. Ill do a separate post at some point with before and after pics in the same clothes I did with P90X and put down the measurements.

There is only so much time in the day!