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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Who Stole my Body and Took it Over?

Week 10. Well, doing better… sort of. Started showing at 9 weeks. Bloated and round. Have not gained though; still 3 lbs down from the beginning. I told my Dr. boss yesterday, and the rest of the staff today. Cat’s out of the bag! Also scheduled my UCSD visit for Jan (when I switch insurance from Kaiser).

Still feeling very weak and physically exhausted all the time. Been gagging a lot. Threw up for the first time on Saturday. Not feeling as nauseas as weeks 6 & 7 though.

Can’t wait to feel better, to start cooking, cleaning and walking again. The house is a mess, I miss cooking and I know the fresh air would be good for me.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Doesn't Look Like Much...

Ok so this is it! Doesnt look like much, but it proves it's there. Ryan couldnt make it to this appointment (the first one at 8 weeks) but my Mom came with me. I started talking to the RN about my symptoms and such, and my Mom (God love her) says, "yeah, yeah, yeah, so when do we get to the point where we actually make sure she is pregnant? All of this is just a waste of time if she's not." Both the RN and I look at her like she is crazy. Yeah, Mom, like I am having all these stymptoms for nothing, and the pregnancy test was just kidding about giving a positive reading. I think things were different in her day when preg tests happened at the Dr.'s office, not at home on a strip test. She was also surprised that they did an ultrasound at the first apt too.

BTW, its a vaginal ultrasound (I am sure the little bean sprout is too small to see with a belly US). So pretty much it's a big dildo with a condom on it that is way more comfortable than getting a pap-smear. I'll take the VUS anyday. I wonder if at the next apt they will do one too. I am sure they will do a US I just dont know what kind. I'm sure they will find the heartbeat with the doppler thing. That one is on 11/19. Ryan can't make it bc of work, which is kind of sad. But he will be there for the official US in radiology on 12/23 when we find out the sex of the baby. What a great X-mas gift, right?

Monday, October 6, 2008

First Appointment

8th week, tomorrow is my first apt! I am very excited. The apt will make everything more real to me. The nausea has subsided, but I still have an aversion to food in general, and my stomach is so small! I can eat about half what I used to before getting full and I eat way more slowly. I am being good with my vitamins though so the little one is getting what she needs.

Speaking of she; Erik, Carol and my Mom all think I will have a boy. Me, Ryan and my friend Dave C. think it’s going to be a girl. We will see! I made a $5 bet with Erik.

My clothes are uncomfortable, even though I’m not really bigger yet. I do look bloated though. Every day I can’t wait to just get home and change into a nighty or a tank and sweats.

Ugh, those 2 weeks of morning sickness were the WORST. Hope it’s all over.