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Friday, October 8, 2010

Good Thing I'm Organized...

Has it really been a whole month since I last blogged? Well that’s what the technology is telling me and technology doesn’t lie… sooo…

It is officially October, and Fall started 2 weeks ago. Did I say its October? Im going to add on “already” because I really must make my point that the year is escaping me and its completely out of control that is ALREADY October. And before I know it is going to be the end of November. Do you want to know how its going to go by so fast? Lets take a look at my calendar, shall we?

Last weekend: Oktoberfest with the Rubins (so much fun, and just a little too much drinking. Just enough food.), and my Mom’s 60th Birthday. Wow shes officially what I consider to be ‘senior’. I mean Anything in your 30’s is still young, 40’s and 50’s is middle aged and I feel like when you get to 60 it’s a whole new level of old. I don’t feel like my mom is old enough to be old. But I digress.

This weekend: Cousin Nathan’s Bday party, followed by a recoup day (literally the ONLY one in October), and a very important hair appointment & my dear friend Venissa’s son’s 4 yr old Bday party.

Next week, among work will be the dentist, dinner for friends who just had a baby, donating blood on a lunch break.

3rd weekend in Oct: Another friend’s son’s Bday party, and friend’s Bday party later that night (Bday count is currently at 6 including my Aunt Tina whose was not previously mentioned in an event), and Bate’s Pumpkin Patch with the VM clan and the kiddies. (Yes Nicole from here on out you will be included when I refer to the VM clan even though you don’t live here with us).

That week is Taco night for my bday, dinner with Ryan’s mom, then dinner with Brian. (I can feel the lbs packing on now).

4th weekend in Oct: Mine and Meg’s Bday party (Bday count at 8 and counting), Phil & Nicole’s engagement party, and another pumpkin patch day with the kiddies.

Last weekend in Oct: Pumpkin carving with the VM clan, our annual Halloween party, Rory’s first actual trick-or-treating Halloween and carnival.

First weekend in Nov: Vegas baby! (with the Kaminsky’s) CANT WAIT FOR VEGAS. Staying at the Luxor, seeing Blue Man Group and The Lion King – shout out for front row tix at both for half the price. Another shout out to my mom who is watching my kid as much we are for the next month and a half.

Second weekend in Nov: Following a huge symposium at work that I am 100% responsible for planning and executing (its been in the works for a year and a half) we get to see the Schott’s on our home turf. Cant wait for that! And to meet Roscoe too!

If you got bored and were scanning the above, heres where to pick back up. (Im not judging. I know that my calendar for the next month and a half is probably really boring to most of you. I wouldn’t read yours. I really just put it up there to be a reminder to Ryan next month of why we have no money in our bank account.)

Yeah so needless to say Im tired just thinking about it all. How the heck am I going to fit in time to do shopping for all these events, and wait, there is Boss’s Day on Oct 16th! AHhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Next chance I get to breathe… I think I might have a heart attack out of boredom. Joking. Ill sleep for 12 days straight.

How’s the family? Great. Rory is a pleasure as always. She has had a few nights of waking up randomly in the middle, I think those canines are finally going to make their appearance. Top left is next – Im calling it. She has loved all this weather; she gets to learn about rain, and the leaves are changing (which she loves to play with). Have I mentioned that the walk to the mailbox which should be a 2 min chore turns into a 20 min fieldtrip that she LOVES each day.

Guinness got an infected va-jay-jay which was no fun. $150 later, she had to take antibiotics and wear a cone again for the first time since getting her girly parts removed. Cones are not made for dogs who have short legs. She kept doing face plants every few feet when the cone would catch on uneven ground. It was hilarious but seriously pathetically sad. Good thing it was resolved quickly.

So looking forward to this month. Still don’t know what Ryan and I will be for Halloween – Im kind of putting all our energy and money into Aurora’s adorable little blue fairy outfit. I even made her wand. It will last all of 60 seconds, but that’s just how things go with toddlers right? Ill take pictures of it first! And Im so stoked, I got my dress for my birthday party. Ross for $8.50, can you believe it? It was perfect except the sleeves were too long so I took them to my guy and for $10 he took it in. With those and my $9.99 hot heels I got there too and my birthday outfit is complete!