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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Decisions, Decisions... and Opinions!

Isnt' it amazing how strong everyone's opinions are about things during pregnancy? Everything from dying your hair while pregnant to what you should eat and how the birth should go. After all the reading and research I am doing, I have come to terms with it all; as long as the parents are well informed and realize what decisions they are making I am happy! (It drives me crazy when people just decide or let something happen as it will without being informed). I will point out some good resources if I can but after all, its their choice! What with all of these people I know that are pregnant the same time as me, I have mixed feelings about various of their choices about things, but as long as they feel its right for them and their dr agrees, I am happy that they are comfortable with their decision even if I dont agree. And let's face it, it doesn't really matter what I think! It's their choice, not mine!!!

This has been hard for me because I am someone with such strong opinions and I have had to realize that mine is not "right" its just different and my opinion is only right for me and Ryan. I am truely blessed that I am with someone who has the same thoughts and opinions as me on these things; at least I am not fighting with him at all. We sort of go, "I was thinking X" and the other says, "Yeah, me too", OK good, next issue.

I mean with all this stuff, pretty much the deal is that your baby will still be fine, but if you do this or that it may up the chances of this or decrease the chances of that... so it may not even have any effect on the outcome at all!

Here are a few you may know or not know:

Sometimes it does make a difference, so now as parents we just have to weigh the risks and benefits, and try to do what's best for our kids and concentrate on things that are more likely to make a differnce and not sweat the things that are less likely, you know? (I had sprouts once during the pregnancy. Dont tell anyone! lol) I think I am starting [its a long learning process] to lighten up on how much energy I put into caring about other's decisions. And that is a lesson to learn in everyday life, not just in pregnancy.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun at the Emergancy Room

So at like 8pm last night I started to get a really bad stomach ache at the top of my stomach and it just got worse and worse so 2 hours later we finally went to the Emergency Room. They took a urine sample, blood, and the Dr. examined me. Since everything felt fine (soft abdomin and I didnt have any sharp pains and it was higher), he thinks it was either something I ate or a stomach bug going around.

They did an ultrasound just to make sure the baby was ok and it was AMAZING. You can see the face, the spine, it was a beautiful profile. Bean sprout was sucking it's thumb and kicking around like crazy. Dr. said the heartbeat was strong, about 155/min. It was nice bc Ryan was there for it this time! I think it made it a little more real to him to SEE something that looked like a little human inside me even though I am not [that] huge yet. I was still in really bad pain so they gave me some morphine while they were waiting for the lab work to come back and that helped (I would hope so, right???). I was worried about taking it but they called OB to make sure it was ok and they said it was. Labs came back normal, but my potassium was low, so I need to eat more bananas he said. We finally got discharged at like 1:30 so I am very tired today.

I am mostly just glad everything is ok! You know everything is probably fine but in the back of your head you wonder what if...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wahoo, Week 14 Cleared.

We won't be able to tell for a long time, but I really wonder what bean sprout is going to look like. With Ryan and I looking so very different, I always have wondered what traits our children will get. My light skin and eyes? My short & stocky stature? My artistic and social tendancies? Or Ryan's olive skin and dark eyes? His height and slender build? His scientific mind and thoughful nature? It's a true crapshoot. With genes like that, matching of genetic mutations has as much as much of a chance as getting struck by lightening, thank goodness.
Yesterday I had another appointment. All that initial genetic testing turned out fine, and they do some more follow up labs next week. My RN said the baby is just where it should be in my abdomen, and while it took her a while to find the heartbeat, when we did, there it was; "Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh". And only one, so I think chances I am just huge because of twins I think are diminshed. My Mom asked how fast it was, and she said about 160. My Mom is now happliy convinced I am having a girl. (Even though the whole heartbeat thing is a COMPLETE wivestale.) However, if true, Nicole and I are both having a girl, since hers is at 160/min too!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I am... the Starship Enterprise

Week 13. I am now convinced that my body is not my own anymore. It is property of the 3 inch bean sprout growing in my stomach. Like a bad made-for-sci-fi movie, some alien parasite found it's new home inside my uterus and is now controling all of my bodily functions. And most of the time what it wants my body to do is not what I want it to do. At least current research has shown this alien bean sprout's time is numbered, and will not need it's host body anymore in another 6 months.

Until then, I deal with gagging at the most common of smells or anything hitting that back region of my mouth, a sense of smell so sensitive that I can smell the shampoo of someone walking in front of me that I can't even see, more than frequent urination, aversion to food in general, sharp pains in my stomach anytime I sneeze or cough (stretching of the muscles from what I understand), and the necessary change from thongs to granny panties. *Note to self* Add to the Costco list; Jumbo pack of bikini cut madinforms.

Still have not gained a pound, yet I look like I've gained 10. I put away all of my "skinny" clothes, since that was a lost cause. This morning I went to put on my fattest fat pants, and they didnt fit. Gave in to the one pair of maternity pants I have. (Yes they fit. Don't laugh, and think "if she's already this big now..." I know you are.)

The good news is that I have gotten a good portion of my energy back, just like they said I would. I can actually cook a meal now, and clean up after it within 24 hours. Good thing too, because Ryan was about to starve to death. I think our neighbors the Kruzes were about done feeding an extra mouth for dinner [when I just wasn't interested, or was perfectly fine with a bowl of cereal.]

I'm thinking about starting up walks, stretching, prego yoga, exercises, kegals... all those fun active prego activities that they say are so great for you. I'll let you know how it goes!

Friday, November 7, 2008

When Will This be Over?

Week 12. Well I don’t feel as weak anymore, but I still feel awful. Food is my enemy. I am gagging over everything and if I go too long without eating, I get sick to my stomach. It’s the worst at night. I woke up at 2am starving. I ate a cracker but it was too late already and I threw up. Dinner was long since digested, so it was just bile and a cracker, but still wasn’t fun! I ate more crackers after with some water and was fine till morning.

They put me on antibiotics; found bacteria in my urine from the last labs. They asked me if I had any symptoms. Stupid question; You mean the increased urge to urinate, not being able to empty completely, discharge and cloudy urine? Kind of like the EXACT same ones as being pregnant???

Still tired by 8pm and going to bed by 9pm. What with the whole food thing though I am getting up earlier though. Good anyway, since I changed my hours at work to 7:30-4. I like the schedule much more. Doesn’t take that much more to get ready in the morning, avoid a crapload of traffic and I get off at 4!!!

I swear there is a baby boom going on though, first there was me and Nicole (who is 2 weeks ahead of me), then I found out my hairdresser is a week ahead of me, and then friends from the Kings River are 2 days apart from me.

I need to go shopping for new clothes this weekend; don’t fit in anything (comfortably at least) anymore. Dresses, tights and uggs will be my friend for the winter time.