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Monday, November 9, 2009

6th Month Appointment

Well Aurora had her 6 month appointment. It went well, and she is a happy healthy girl, if not super tiny! She is still in the <3 percentile (hovering just off of the bottom of the charts) for weight, and is 10-25th percentile for head circumference and height. They are not very concerned, since she is maintaining the same arc and is gaining at a consist ant rate. Ryan said they said, "Slow but steady" and that reminded him of me.... turtle, turtle! They gave her her vaccinations, and the regular flu shot, but only were giving the H1N1 to high risk - high risk groups. (So being a baby wasnt enough, you had to be a baby with heart disease or leukemia, etc.) So we will just have to forgo and hope that it doesnt come around to our part of town!

She is getting so good at sitting up on her own now. She can sit up on her own for minutes at a time, back straight - until something causes her to loose her balance then she still falls over, not being able to catch herself yet. She can even sit up without the aid of her hands for stability for short periods of time.

She loves to eat but we still struggle to make sure she drinks enough milk to stay hydrated! At least I'm producing enough at this point. We have not had to give her formula for a few weeks now.

On another note, I am almost back down to pre-baby weight! A bad weekend really sets me back, but somehow I am managing to get back ahead of it during the work week by eating healthy and running twice a week. Just in time too, because I have had some events at work that required a nice suit, which I have not fit for about a year now!

Well, thats all I can think of for now...