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Sunday, January 30, 2011

What Happened to my Last Post?

Well I had a big post that I was working on and I have no idea where it went. So here I go starting again. :0(

[July 5th, 2012 NOTE: I found the post! It had been saved as a draft on my workout blog. Man was I out of it! lol. I posted it at the bottom, just for kicks and giggles]

So on Tuesday Ill be 16 weeks pregnant. Im a gillion times happier than I was 4 weeks ago, and a gillion bazillion times happier than 8 weeks ago. My morning sickness is totally gone now, and Im back up and running cooking and cleaning and managing the kitchen. For sure not up to "par" but hey, close enough. Ive regained 3 of the 5 lbs I lost in the first trimester. I dont want to gain as much with this pregnancy as with Aurora though. I gained 35 total with her, and although that was within recommendations, it was a little much for my frame. I was pretty uncomfortable in the last trimester, and had a good 10 lbs after the birth that took a long time to lose. I feel that 25lbs is a healthier goal for this time around. We will see how easy that proves to be though, now that Im eating again! My heartburn has continued to get worse though, and I am now on Zantac for it, but still having to take Tums additionally about once a day. Ive had a few headaches, but so far none as bad as last time (at least so far). Ive been pretty congested which makes it hard to sleep but overall I cant really complain; Im not a walking zombie!

We are calling the baby "Sam" which we think is a good androgynous name since we wont be finding out the sex. I keep thinking I might change my mind about wanting to know once we come up on the big ultrasound, but then I think about the birth itself and I just dont want to know until then, and it reaffirms my resolve. Of course everyone thinks Im crazy, and is frustrated (THEY want to know, after all). My mom is trying to convince me to let her know, and swears she'll be able to keep it a secret. I keep telling her shes full of poop and she wouldnt be able to keep it a secret if her life depended on it. But that doesnt stop her from trying to convince me otherwise.

Aurora is growing by leaps and bounds every day. She is talking up a storm and surprises us all the time by saying words that we didnt even know she knows. (Today at a Chinese restaurant she pointed to a panda and said, "Pan-a") She has learned the word "mine" and loves using it. We are trying to concentrate on simple and polite phrases that she can use to get what she wants - please, help, etc. Thank you is a little more complicated - she's still not so good at multi syllable words no less multiple words. Her favorite activity is playing with daddy, and he is the best at it for sure. (Mommies are best at cuddling and comforting). We finally got all of her toys organized and into groupings and in separated bins (thank you mom for getting that ball rolling). Her bedtime has moved up to 7:30-8pm and daddy does the bedtime routine. Starts with brushing her teeth, then getting a new diaper, jammies, bedtime books that she gets to pick out and finally, she gets her "paa-paa" - her pacifier - her little stuffed mouse, and her blanket and goes right to bed. She still gets two bottles a day - one in the morning and one at night - but drinks water and milk (sometimes juice) out of her sippy cups during the day.

We are debating what to do for Aurora's 2nd birthday since Ill be ready to pop by then and want to have a plan in place early, but havent totally decided between a big family get together at someone's house or at a park vs something smaller just for our friends with kids at like Chuck E Cheese or something. We'll see!

Quickly, a note to the first trimester:

You treated me poorly. I hate you and I never want to see you again. I'm over you like a bad boyfriend and I'm never looking back.

Ok. Moving on. Tuesday will mark 15 weeks for me. Over the last 3 weeks my nausea has continued to decrease and I've been throwing up less and less. I was throwing up sometimes twice a day and it slowly became every other day and now about once a week. I'm now able to eat dinner and have even gained my first pound. (Well gained back one of the 5 total I have lost.) Unfortunately the other symptoms have crept up. My heartburn sucks big time. I just switched from Tums (which just were not cutting it) to Zantac. And the headaches are starting in too. I really hope they don't get as bad as last time. I remember screaming at Ryan's dad to turn down the tv volume because it was "too loud".

Even though I've been able to expand my diet, I'm still having food dreams. Massive amounts of them. Every night. I'm cooking and eating huge buffets of food, and eating all kinds of processed, fatty and junky food. It's pretty hilarious to me. I tell people I'm eating vicariously though my dreams. The same way that the food channel was my favorite thing to watch when I was sick and nauseous on the couch; all the food with none of the smells, tastes or textures that made me sick. (Although anytime a dish came up with poultry in it I was on to another channel.)

The other weekend I scheduled a housecleaner to come. (I was more than sick - pun intended - of throwing up into toilets that would make the local gas station shutter.) We have tried a few of them before and they all do a good cursory job but none of them have ever knocked my socks off. Well this one was a reference from a friend at work, and she turned out to be the most amazing gift of the year! We are never giving her up, ever!


  1. So incredibly happy to hear that you are feeling better! It is always terrible to feel like you can't even function. Also, I wonder what it is with the heartburn, especially the second time around! Zantac and a tums was always looked forward to every day :)

  2. LOL just as your daughter is going to bed later we are putting our kid down earlier! Luke has a new bedtime of 8:15 to 8:30! Somedays it works some days he runs around in his bed until 10pm! Don't you love the word MINE. Hopefully Luke will learn to share better when he goes to the Montessori school soon!

    Oh and you forgot to add Dancing queen to your daughters new list of things. She was hysterical at Chuck E Cheese!

  3. Chuck E Cheese? way to ostracize those of us without kids!