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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Cups Spillith Over

WARNING: This is TMI, so stop reading here if you don't want to hear another one of Loralyn's "I can't believe she went there!" tangents.

Have I mentioned my boobs are out of control? When my Mom (who before her mastectomy and breastlift hung to her waist without a bra to hold up her DD sized boobs) told Ryan that she used to be as big as me before having Skye and I, he did NOT believe her one bit. He didn't think there was any way that I (a VERY padded C, and only a C because I am wide around not because I am huge in the cups) would ever get to be a DD just from kids. However, now that I look like a porn star with fake melons when I wear my old bras and have more piggy-pink colored stretch marks grasping as far across my chest as they can reach, he is a believer. And he is very scared for what a second pregnancy further do to them. I told him it was ok, he could just get me a boob lift for my 50th birthday. At least there are no stretch marks on my tummy yet. And I probably won't get any; my Mom doesn't have any.

Oh, and I am sick of telling people YES I am putting coco butter on my tummy and boobs. Yes it helps with itching and dryness, but NO it does not prevent stretch marks. It just depends on how much weight you gain in a given time and how well your skin can stretch to accommodate, which is genetic.

Anyway, while I will never again be able to "legitimately/appropriately" wear a tank top braless ever again (and even pre-pregnancy some of my family members would question my definition of legitimate/appropriate), at least I now have a little cleavage for low-cut shirts/dresses, which I have been taking FULL advantage of.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Countdown Begins

Tomorrow marks 26 weeks... and suddenly it seems like (as my friend Laura has said) the count of how many weeks pregnant you are in the beginning that is such a big deal week after week transforms itself to a countdown of how much time you have left; only 3 more weeks left of the 2nd trimester/only one more appointment until they are every 2 weeks/ less than 4 months until Aurora will be here!

The gestational diabetes screening went well; results were normal, yea! My friend Nicole had to do the 3 hour one but just got those results today and hers were normal too, double yea! Ryan and I were worried for a mili-second about the AFP results that I had gotten at Kaiser, but UCSD finally has all of my records safe and sound and Rita had a chance to look them over and left a message for me on Friday saying that "on paper, you look like a rock-star!" That made me feel really good.

The basketball in my stomach continues to grow, making simple everyday activities less simple. I don't make it off the bed on the first try all the time, and people are starting to make fun of me waddling. At least I can still zip up my favorite sweaters and jacket. Hopefully I don't outgrow them before the winter is over, I really don't want to spend money on sweaters and jackets that I may or may not need in my next pregnancy. I mean, with my metabolism the way it is right now I hardly need more than a long sleeve shirt in most situations anyway. (Still sleeping with one throw blanket; on colder nights, its time to wear pajama pants).

Ryan is being really wonderful and we have been enjoying a lot of time together lately. REI has not been scheduling many hours for him (bad for the piggy bank, good for time together), and in an uncharacteristic break, our schedule has been free from many social/family obligations most weekends, allowing us to plan some small things last minute with friends and family but still having plenty of "us" time. I feel like I am falling in love with him all over again in the pregnancy. I am just overflowing with love for him, the wonderful father he is going to be, and the amazing miracle of life we are about to bring into the world and into our family.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I love Rita!!!

(Almost) 25 weeks. Friday was wonderful; the visit with Rita went sooo well and I love her! Since it was Ryan's scheduled Friday off, he was able to go too, which was really nice. Rita is young, full of energy, very outgoing and so nice. She took lots of time with us and gave personalized care; it didn't feel like a scripted appointment. They didn't get the hard copies of my Kaiser records over from Perlman where my first UCSD appointment was, so she didn't have a lot to go on, but they should have them by my next appointment, which is in 4 weeks, also on a Friday that Ryan has off, so he can go again! (Yea for Friday appointments that Ryan can go to.)

Next testing is the gestational diabetes, where you drink a dose of sugar and see how crazy your baby gets within an hour. (Actually you drink it then they take your blood an hour later to check for diabetes, since they dont want you to end up with a 10lb baby because of it!)

I did more cleaning of Aurora's room over the weekend, went through all of my memoirs and sorted them out, it was crazy seeing some of those things that I have not looked through in years. Like actual letters I got from people I met at like 6th grade camp and the summer at USC and trips like that, as well as those just from HS. (Yes, back in the day when we actually wrote REAL letters!!!)

It's all starting to come together, as we get closer and closer...