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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Has Arrived

Today is the first day of spring! Can you believe it?

Vegas was amazing. Highlights:

  • The JUST US, childless weekend was amazing and such a wonderful treat.
  • We stayed at the Wynn. Its one of the best hotels on the strip, and we got a great deal. 3 nights average under $200/night that included tickets to La Reve and one buffet for each of us every day we were there. The room was amazing - everything was automated; the temperature, do not disturb, the lighting, etc. Floor to ceiling windows, beautiful view of the strip. 
  • Buffet was awesome, best buffet I have ever been to.
  • The two shows we went to, La Reve (at the Wynn)  and The Beatles (at the Mirage) were both spectacular. Highly recommend both.
  • I had been looking in advance and got coupons for some stuff and looked for activities since we didnt have the girls and had Ruby for transportation. So we went go cart racing (SO MUCH FUN), went to see the mermaids in the aquarium at the Silverton (very disapointing and cheezy) & shot guns at the gun shop (Sort of scary being around that many weapons at once, but an adrenaline rush shooting for sure).
  • Since we were going to do it anyway, and there was a store right there, and we didn't have the girls with us, we took advantage of taking care of business, and bought an Ipad mini for Ryan & an Iphone 5 for myself. Bye bye Sprint & HTC Evos! Im loving it. Many Many inherent problems with the android and Sprint service all solved and not issues anymore on apple. 
  • We are not big gamblers but how can you not sit down at a few slot machines while you are in Vegas??? I won $300 on an Alice in Wonderland slot! I was a very happy girl.

TDS was amazing. Highlights:

  • We camped with SD Jeepin, the San Diego Jeep club that Skye had found online, and they are awesome. Really good group of people. 
  • My mom watched the girls, so it was another kid free weekend. (Score!)
  • Just by the nature of the event and the trail, we took her on things that we would not have thought was possible. Ryan had ditched me to go on a harder detour of the trail with some of the beefier Jeeps, and left me to man Ruby all by myself - JUST as the trail got really intense and the difficulty increased to a much higher level than either of us would have felt comfortable taking Ruby on without her boob job. (That's what I call a lift kit). It was good though, since I just had to run with it, trust my driving instincts and follow everyone else. Ryan would have been flipping out every two seconds if he was with me.
  • I only got stuck once. I didn't give the guy in front of me enough time to clear a huge hill and had to stop at the very top since he had not quite made it over. I lost my momentum and got stuck at the top. (Since we have a longer wheel base and no lift yet, Ruby tends to high side on steep & short hills). I was pretty terrified since it was RIGHT after a huge merge of the easy/hard trail and JUST before the very end of the trail and it was literally bumper to bumper. So here I am stuck and holding up the ENTIRE trail behind me. Luckily everyone was super helpful and I instantly had like 5 guys to my rescue including my brother, and the Jeep in front of me stopped and we hooked up a tow strap and he pulled me up and over.
  • We saw some amazing vehicles do incredible things, like this custom vehicle that I filmed and our new friends even let us drive their incredibly capable rides. All in all we discovered and decided two things: 1. We are for sure getting Ruby a boob job, and 2. We are NEVER going to go to the lengths that most people go to when they get into offroading!
Update on trips:
  • Santa Cruz next weekend, very much looking forward to the time with family that we have not seen in a long time.
  • Very much looking forward to Memorial Day. Need to explore those trails behind the river a little more! And of course the awesome company. XOXO SCHOTTS.
  • Yosemite fell through. New plan is Moab, Utah, the White Rim Trail loop and a little stop off at a resort in Peoria, Arizona on the way back.
  • Thinking of heading up to Pismo Beach in August, either for the Huckfest event or the weekend after for a longer weekend just us.
Other updates:
  • I have had some trouble with a shin splint (yes, just one - my right shin). So Im having to take a break from working out until it heals. Its going to be a while, it is slow going.
  • That "dream home" finally sold and went through. Sold in February for $540k CASH. Way out of our league. 
  • Loving the new AC/Heating system. So quiet and works great.
  • I just finished reading the book "Why We Get Fat", and am now reading "Fat Chance". Amazing. Mind blown. Life changed. But this deserves a whole separate blog entry on my workout blog, so that will come another day.  
Girl updates:
  • I enrolled the girls in gymnastics at UCSD on Sat mornings last quarter. It went great and they LOVED it. My mom came with me most times, and we all really enjoyed ourselves. Plus it gave Ryan some alone time, which unless the weather was terrible or he was not feeling well he used to go mountain biking. This quarter I signed them up for swim, which I am very excited about. Abby doesn't like getting her head wet at all, so I hope this helps.
  • We have come to the realization that Rory is a hyper-sensitive child. She is a total doll, but has really high highs, and really low lows (that come seemingly from no where). Every day is the "BEST day of  my life!!!" and then 5 min later when you moved her toy, you have ruined her life. Yes, no joke. Shes already 16 years old. What will 16 look like? Dare I ask? So we are working with her on ways to control her emotions and not let them get out of control.
  • Abby's two canine teeth are FINALLY coming through, and the poor thing is in so much pain. I dont know how she is going to handle the last 4 molars that still need to come in. But besides that she is a total doll, super even tempered and very pleasant. She listens well most of the time, but where we are going to have difficulty with her is discipline. She simply doesn't care if you get angry or stern with her. So we will have to come up with some other mode of punishment when she gets to the point where she needs it. Shes a dare devil, and extremely active. Shes already talking in 3 word sentences and its so adorable to hear a tiny little thing like her talking in this tiny tot voice but saying REAL things that make sense. Its almost a double take kind of thing. 
  • Ryan and I are having discussions about Rory and preschool - if any - before she goes into Kindergarten. There is a lot involved; scheduling, cost, benefit. I can't believe she is almost 4 years old. It really set in when I bought her birthday dress in 3T and it was a little too small. This will be the first time EVER that she has gone into a size bigger than her age. 
  • We will be going to IKEA soon and getting a mattress for Abby. Its time to get rid of the bat tent!
Well that's about "all" I can think of for right now. LOL