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Friday, July 30, 2010

All Better

Well the reason for her fever was that other molar coming in. So now she has 8 teeth, 2 of them molars! Wholy cow thats a lot of teeth. Her first ones broke at 10 weeks, so thats 2 teeth a month. Wow. She's talking now too! She tries to copy what we say all the time. Its really rough and hard to recognize, only that what 'noises' she makes after we say something sound an awful lot like what we just said. Ryan and my mom & stepdad all took Aurora to the zoo today and apparently she had the best time! So fun. :0)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Poor Sick Girl

My darling sweetheart has a fever. :0( She had it yesterday afternoon when Ryan picked her up from Diane's. She was so sad, just tired and listless, whimpering softly every so often, and wanting her favorite pacifier. We just watched tv and let her lay on us all evening then put her to bed. Shes drinking fluids ok at least. Should break by tomorrow morning if its like the other 2 fevers she has had, and related to teething. I noticed the other molar (on the right side) is coming in too. Poor thing.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Aurora Updates

Wow has she changed in just a few short weeks.

Well our vacation was wonderful, spending part of the time up in Santa Cruz with my Godparents. We stayed with my godfather Charly and his wonderful husband Tracy. We at wonderful food, took great walks at the beach, took amazing outdoor showers, played with their cute new puppy Wally, and just relaxed. We got to spend time with my godmother Mary Worthy and her family too. They gave us this great kid rocking chair that has been in their family for a few generations, and Aurora loves it. (It was a rocking chair, but the rockers needed repair. Aurora didnt have the patience to fix it, so its currently a chair and if we ever get it out of her hands we might turn it back to a rocker.) The rest of the time off was spend with friends & family. Such a great detox week! It was so nice just to have some vacation time that was spent on... well a vacation! Ive been saving and hording my time for pregnancy leave and such, and didnt realize how stressful it was to worry about every day and hour. I cant say Ill feel the same way about our decision when I see the hit on my vacation hours, but.....

Aurora's top left side tooth finally broke through like a week and a half ago, then the other day surprise, an upper molar on the left side is through too! Shes sticking her fingers in her mouth alll the time and chewing on stuff like crazy.

In addition to her teeth, we noticed recently that she seemed to have grown a lot... so we put her up against the wall where we started marking her height, and sure enough, she has grown 2 inches in 2 months! Poor thing has probably been going through some crazy growing pains in addition to her teething pain. Good thing she's been getting ibuprofen off and on to help her sleep through it.

She's been out in the sun a ton; she LOVES the outdoors and any chance she gets she makes a bee-line for outside. She's developed quite a tan. And anything that has to do with water (bath, pool, garden hose, doggie water bowl) she is THERE.

As mentioned above, she loves her seats. Not just the rocking chair chair, but her Stroller, Carseat, high chair... and she gets VERY angry if you try to take her out of her chair before she is done. She just cries and cries at the end of walks with the strollers, but with her high chair we just dis attach it from the kitchen chair after dinner so she has it on the ground to sit in. So cute. We are for sure going to have to get her her own potty chair when we decide to potty train.

She also loves to walk Guinness on our walks. She looks soooo cute holding the leash with Guinness out walking in front of her. I'll have to get a picture or video of it.

I know Im missing stuff but Ive been trying to get this post up for like 2 weeks, so Im going to just put it up and then have to do another one soon with what I forgot...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Changes Every Day!

Wow, at this stage they are changing every day! Aurora is now 14 months old (as of July 5th). We had a crazy weekend filled with friends and family events. Thursday dinner & games with friends, Friday dinner & games with friends, Saturday faux forth celebration BBQ at Nicole's house (more on that in a bit), Sunday forth up at Uncle Randy's Ranch, and Monday closing day at the fair! Phew, it was crazy.

Saturday was awesome; Nicole and Jason had great food, great drinks and great people over to just enjoy the day and have a good time. The kids were hilarious. Rory had her stunna glasses on, and Luke was eating watermelon like it was going out of style, and both of them ate their weight in baked cheetos. We took them on a big red cart ride, and we all played in the pool (at least until Rory was shivering and her lips were turning blue, then we warmed back up in the hot tub before taking another dip in the pool. The water must have been at least 75 too - man that kid needs to bulk up on some body fat.) Boston showed up later on and tried to keep things under control patrolling in Luke's cop car - it didnt work. Yummy grilled steak marinated in a coffee & chocolate rub and more delicious food, and later, finally fat and exhasted from our big day we gave in to sleep.....

And woke back up the next morning to start the whole process over up at Randy's... in his pool... with the family.... Keira and Rory playing in the sand.... beer pong contests... girl time... guy time.... and finally fireworks at 9am. To which Rory promptly lifted her head with a "huh? whats that?" and decided it wasn't worth the sleep she was missing so she passed out on my shoulder. And there she stayed for another hour, as Ryan proceeded to get wasted on some crazy fire drink that Blake decided to whip up and proclaim "I love you man!" to all the cousins. Him and Melinda had some special bonding time, and Ryan is now the keeper of this year's Halloween Costume secret. Not me, just Ryan. Guess I'll have to wait.

This week was not as tough getting back to work as I thought it would be and now its quitting time and Ryan and I are off next week. Fun plans, but dont have the time to explain now. Maybe next week I'll slip in an update.