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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wow, New Stuff Already?

Aurora is now waving... at everything. Including the plants, windows, pretty much everything. And when she really gets into it, she does it with both arms. Like special things need a special super duper double wave.

She stood unassisted all by her self for a few seconds (multiple times) last night. Funny part is, she seems a little unsure about it, like "Im not so sure I should be doing this, what is going on here???" Funny because she doesnt seem to have those same thoughts about chewing on the freezer electrical cord, or eating Guinness's dog food.

Maybe its just my mother's ear, but it really seems like when I talk to her, and try to work on words with her, she *tries* to repeat them back to me. Could just be my imagination though. Last night I was dreaming about doing work... and was sad when I got to work and realized it wasnt actually done.

I think Im going to have to get Skype for my Mom. Yes, the same Mom who only lives 30 min away. Why might you ask? Because every day I currently have to listen to, "do you think she is even going to remember who I am???" since we only see my Mom once a week. And if we can't see her one week.... well from her reaction you would think that she lived across the US and had missed every important milestone that Aurora has reached from birth to 2 years old. It's all in good fun though - I love you Mom - it shows how much you care.