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Monday, April 27, 2009

Practically 37 Weeks... Full Term!

Well, tomorrow I will be 37 weeks pregnant, which is technically full term. Everything is becoming really real to me now. This weekend Ryan and I did mostly chores, but took some time to relax and enjoy ourselves too. There is still so much to do though! Whatever we don't get done will just have to wait (maybe forever!).

We visited Nicole and Jason for a little bit. I was so impressed with how together they are; very calm, collected, not frazzled or (seemingly) overwhelmed at all, like I guess I picture most parents to be right out of the gate? It is inspiring and gives me hope that while difficult, everything will all be ok and is doable. Luke is too cute, and I got to hold him a lot. It was crazy thinking that he is smaller out of the womb now than Aurora is not yet out of my stomach! Well she will be growing until she comes out so it all depends on when she is ready to come.

May is crazy and there are a number of family events, between birthdays and Mother's Day, it is strange thinking that for each one, I will either be really really pregnant, or have a newborn.

I am totally convinced she will be coming early, I just don't know how much. Last night I had a really hard time sleeping because Aurora was putting so much pressure on my cervix; I couldn't get in a good position and had to get up several times and pace the room a little. And you can really feel her now... I can feel body parts now where before I could never feel anything but a big swollen belly. The cramping accompanying the Braxton Hicks is getting worse and more frequent (good opportunity for me to practice my breathing exercises) and since Nicole only got through a few days of her Evening Primrose Oil, she gave me the rest of hers and I started those yesterday. Now we are into the once a week visits with the midwives, so we will see, things continue to progress!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Too Many Exciting Things at 36 Weeks

Well yesterday marked 36 weeks (not only getting me to the next big number of 8 months, but also only 1 week away from full term if Aurora is born early). There has been too much excitement and I have to say I am overwhelmed! First, last Sat I had my final shower (the my friends and family one) thrown by Grace (and somehow my Mom and Auntie M. along the way too!) It was so wonderful, with soooo many friends and family that I have not seen in such a long time. It was really terrific to see everyone, and I was just overcome with the love and joy showered upon me by everyone. I am so lucky to have such great friends and family!!! Aurora received a ton of wonderful gifts... not only will she be the best dressed princess in Tierrasanta, but she will have with her forever a number of hand crafted and uniquely beautiful items from people who love her, from mobiles, to blankets and hats, to drawings incorporating her name (By the way, Ashley is commissioning out her work so let me know if you want her to do a piece), etc. What special people I know that took the time and love to create these things and give them to Aurora. And... I we got the carseat!!! (Yes, kind of important), thanks to Venissa, Cindie and Nicole.

SPEAKING of Nicole, she had Luke on Monday evening! Her water broke that morning, and after a pretty long day, finally got Luke out of her tummy and into this world. Happy and healthy 5lbs, 12oz and 18 inches long, he has a FULL head of hair, and is as tiny and adorable as can be. So now Aurora just has to choose which boyfriend she wants, Nicole and Jason's little Luke or Ashley and Dylan's Boston. :0) I am so excited for Nicole, and happy that her long journey is over, as she was pretty uncomfortable these last few weeks of pregnancy.

Then there is me... well there have been a number of changes in my body and in Aurora's movement the last week and a half, so to be better safe than sorry I contacted the midwife on call. She had me come on in this afternoon to do a non-stress test, and get an ultrasound to make sure everything was ok. Well, everything is! Thank goodness. The test showed that her heartrate is normal, and she is moving as much as she should be. We could see in the ultrasound that she is head down (already knew that) and was practicing sucking and sticking out her tongue, and look at those nice full lips! (We know what side she got those from). She was practicing breathing ("flexing" her lungs), something that babies in distress don't have the energy to do, and my levels of amniotic fluid were normal. And if she had to guess today how big Aurora is, she would say on the upperhand of 5lbs (almost 6). So it sounds like she will probably be somewhere between 6 and 7 lbs at birth, I would think. SOOOO that was all excellent news! And of course, better safe than sorry. :0)

So now that things are all calmed down, showers are over, social obligations are done for now, Ryan and I are going to keep the calendar FREE for just relaxing, clean up, and the last peace and quiet we will have together for a long time to come.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Top 10 Things I Can't Wait to do Again

10. Look down and be able to see my cooch.
9 1/2. Be able to shave it myself.
9. Have access to an expanded wardrobe.
8. Wear cute heels.
7. Drive home without having to do Kegals.
6. Sleep without an entourage of pillows placed just so.
5. Sit in one position for more than 5 minutes without getting uncomfortable.
4. Laugh or cough without peeing my pants, literally. (Yes, thats what the pantyliners are for besides uber amounts of discharge. TMI? Too bad.)
3. Eat a big huge burger and fries at 7pm and not worry about it coming back up and choking on it in my sleep at 11pm.
2. Go for a run at black's beach, get all sweaty and get my heart rate up.

And, the number one thing I can't wait to do again.....

1. Have GREAT sex again.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Smiles at 34 weeks

Well there is no doubt that I am pregnant now; I have long passed the questioning "Well she sure looks pregnant, but you never know and I'm not going to say something and be wrong" looks and now have moved into the "Wow, due any day now, huh?" outright comments. "Nope, still have 6 weeks to go." I reply... and to that, "Jeez, you sure you don't got twins in there???" lol. Yeah lady, I'm pretty sure they would have caught it at the first or second ultrasound, or heard multiple heartbeats with the doppler at any of my last 6 appointments. But thanks for asking. :0)

But I am glad at least you can tell. A friend was telling me that someone she knew was 6 months pregnant and you couldn't even tell; she was so excited for the baby bump, and for people being nice and smiling and holding doors for you, etc... but if you don't look pregnant, you aren't going to get that, are you? I had not thought of that before. I guess while I am uncomfortable beyond belief, my feet ache, my tailbone hurts, my back is sore, I feel like I have to go pee 24/7 whether I actually do or not and my ribs are numb and tingly anytime I sit down, at least I can share with the world that I am going through this miraculous experience... and I don't even have to say a word for them to know it!

I love the smiles you get; many people don't even say a word, they just see the tummy, look up to make eye contact, and smile knowingly. (Exactly what they are thinking is unknown, i.e. the comic above) However, any joy, however it happens, is a good thing, and if I can make 2 people a day smile just by being pregnant and letting them see me waddle around as such, that is a good day!