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Friday, September 10, 2010

16 Month Dr. Visit Update

So Ryan just got back with Rory from the doctor. This was supposed to be her 15 month old apt but they didnt have an opening till now. She was:
  • 19 lbs (she was actually 19.7 but they take off for clothes and diaper since they dont do naked baby anymore) and that puts her at the 2nd percentile for weight.
  • 30 inches even, which puts her at 25th-50th percentile for height.
  • 45.7 cm head, which puts her at 25th-50th percentile for that.
They want her to be getting more good fats (like olive oil) to keep her on track. It looks like she went from 4th to 3rd to 2nd percentile these last few times so its nothing to be super concerned with, just to be aware of and to try to make sure shes getting good healthy fats to keep her growth curve up.

End of Summer Update

Aurora has broken both bottom molars (one on each side) this week. Poor thing! For the record though, I was right; the bottom left one broke first. Although Ryan is now claiming that’s what he said. But here on my blog I have the proof, that he said it was going to be bottom right. I win. Anyway I’m so happy that she will finally be able to chew things now; shes got 4 middle up top and 2 bottom middle for biting, and now will have 4 molars, one on each side & top and bottom to chew with.

She’s loving her books more and more each day. Her favorite are the ones with simple words and bright pictures. She has a Sesame Street bubble one that she is OBSESSED with because she loves bubbles more than anything in the world. Her favorite thing to do after dinner is go to the living room where her books are and pull them from the shelf one at a time and read them while she is sitting on the doggy stairs beside the bookshelf.

In fact, she had her first tantrum the other day when we made her stay in the kitchen with us until we were done with dinner. She wanted to go to her books and we said, “you can get out of your high chair when you are done eating but you need to stay with us in the kitchen until we are done eating”. So she cried and sobbed for a number of minutes. Of course this first time she did it we had no idea why she was so upset. Last night Ryan said she probably just wants her books so we brought some into the kitchen and she was so happy with her books in the kitchen till we were done. Problem solved!

She is talking so much more too. This morning she walked into the bathroom and said “baw” I looked where she was pointing and there was a little jewelry box that she likes to play with on the sink. “Oh, box! Yes, here is your box”, it was so cute!

So we are going to Vegas in November with Nicole and Jason, leaving the kids with our parents, and we are soooo excited! We just bought Lion King Tickets, front row. Should be a wonderful show. Then the other night Nicole & Jay are going to Tim McGraw, and we will probably see one of the Cirque shows, Ka or Zumanity are our top choices. We are debating when to start trying to get pregnant. Ill be ovulating right around my birthday so I might just see where things go from there and if I start seeing symptoms in Vegas (I would be about 2 weeks along) I would just take it easy.

And at 3 months in advance, we have the holidays figured out! YAY! I cant tell you what a relief that is. With such big families on both Ryan’s mom and dad’s sides, and my family, ALL in San Diego, its hard to balance them all so everyone feels like they are getting enough time with us, and also manage to make ourselves happy so WE actually enjoy ourselves! I was not really happy with last year. I felt we made too many accommodations for others, and were running around too much to make everyone else happy and to be honest after all of it I still don’t feel like everyone was happy with the arrangement anyway! I know I wasn’t. So this year Ashley invited us to Thanksgiving and told me to invite my family, so I did. Two birds with one stone on that one, we get to spend it with good friends AND my family. Christmas eve sounds like it is at Ryan’s aunt Diana’s house and we had said last year that we would start doing Christmas morning at our house, and Ryan’s mom Cheryl said that she is doing Christmas day at her place so that’s nice we don’t even have to leave Tierrasanta on Christmas! Im really looking forward to it all. And hopefully we will have the best present of all this year, getting pregnant with our second child!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

16 Months old? Seriously?

Aurora will be 16 months old in a few days. The last few months have been such a huge period of growth for her, it stuns me. She is now talking all the time, and has many words under her belt. When our aquarium screen saver goes on the computer, she says "ish!" (the "f" is hard for her to pronounce), and just today walking to the car a black crow flew across the sky and she saw it, pointed and said "bird". She also knows dog, mom, dad, juice, cheese, yes, no, and makes a pretty good effort to repeat any word you say.

She is a huge fan of books now, and will actually let you read one all the way through (as long as too much time is not spent on each page) and will point out things she knows and say them, for ones she doesnt she points them out for you to tell her what they are.

She giggles and cracks up all the time, and her and Daddy especially have a
dozen little games they both play. Like this one, where she puts her hand in your mouth for you to "eat" then pulls it away cracking up cause its the funniest thing in the whole world. It's amazing music to our ears, and we would do anything to get her to laugh time and time again. Our neighbor Erik taught her how to bump it (closed fists against each other) and she thinks thats hilarious now too. Other things that humor her: When Guinness "play" bites her hand, when you try to brush her teeth (just before you actually get inside her mouth, then its not funny anymore), when you chase her pretty much anywhere, when you turn away from her then turn back really quickly and make a face, or say "boo" or other similar thing...

She loves to drink from small cups too. I have been squeezing the juice of an orange in the afternoon and letting her drink it from a small appetizer cup that my mom gave us for her, and she loves it. She's good at it too! Normally no spills although we stand over her careful and ready just in case, and have to remind her to use both hands, since she likes to try it with only one hand.

Did I mention before she's finally in size 12 month? Some stuff is too big, it falls right off of her cause she's so skinny, but she needs that size for her length. (see previous post about her growing 2 inches, and she's grown another 1/2 inch since then!) So it's lots of dresses and tops with the few pants and shorts that fit her normally.

Trying to figure out Halloween, and not sure what Ryan and I are going to do. Rory is going to be a little blue fairy. Got a blue and green tutu, and blue wings. Need to get a blue onsie and we are all set for her!

Still no new teeth since those top molars... but I think a bottom left molar is next, Ryan has a bet against me that its the bottom right. We will see who's right!