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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Completion of the First Trimester

Jessica's visit was wonderful. It was great to meet her in person and she said she felt like we were great friends who had known each other for years. I got to ask her more about her personal journey of infertility and it was heartbreaking. She had been through 4 rounds of IVF on her own, all in the states since you can't be approved for IVF in China if you are a single woman. It didn't sound like any of those transfers implanted at all. We were also able to discuss some of the logistics and plans once the baby is born. She plans on finding short term housing of some kind and staying in San Diego for 2-3 months before taking the baby back to China. She will get a nanny to help her out, and is still trying to figure out if her parents will come out and stay with her as well. We discussed areas and due to her having to rely on public transportation and wanting to be close by to some sort of Asian market we identified Mira Mesa as the best location for her. Additionally we found out that her company has a location on the west side of Mira Mesa Blvd very close to UCSD, which makes that location even more ideal. She will likely be able to come in early Oct and work from that location before the baby arrives, which will insure she will be in town when the baby comes, even if she comes early which is wonderful.

As for me, this week I am 13 weeks along, and that closes out the first trimester. I've had a rough couple of weeks. I stopped meds on April 4th and my nausea got worse once I stopped them. As with my girls, it slowly got worse during the day, with the worst of it being in the afternoon and evening. The unisom and B6 wasn't quite cutting it anymore and I was throwing up most evenings. Last week was an especially hard week, including some migraines, and then we had a terrible scare on Wed. I had several important meetings at work, and one hour before the start of them, I felt a gush. I looked down and blood had soaked through my pants, not a good sign. It was definitely a mix of some other fluid and blood, which immediately had me worried that it was amniotic fluid. I called the Dr. and they advised that while nothing could really be done intervention wise if it was a miscarriage, that I should get it checked out to see what was going on. Since I was continuing to bleed a small amount, I really had no choice but to go to the ER (since UCSD doesn't really have urgent care set up for this sort of thing). I went and luckily they were able to see me right away. They took my blood and did an ultrasound which showed the baby was perfectly fine, wiggling and heartbeat strong. There was no substantial residual fluid or bleeding and my cervix was totally closed, so they discharged me with instructions to follow up ASAP with my OB.....

Which presented a problem because meanwhile, I had been officially released from the RE to UCSD, and UCSD was in the process of reviewing my records to determine if I could be seen by the midwives. So I had to call them and try to expedite that process, hoping it didn't disqualify me from the birth center. They eventually were able to get me in first thing on Friday the 13th just to check up and everything looked perfect. I asked what it could have been and they said it could have been anything... the weather, hormone levels, etc. Nature is funny like that sometimes. The good news is that baby looked good, amniotic fluid good, heart rate good, movement good, measuring on track, etc. So with that they gave me a clear bill of health and released me to the midwives! I was able to get my first apt with them on the books for next week.

Then a few days ago I increased my Unisom frequency because the nausea and evening vomiting was getting the best of me and luckily I responded well to that. Soooooo for now, holding steady, trying to see through the darkness of the lingering first trimester symptoms and gagging my way through the smelly, smelly world.