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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well the week was a complete success! Aurora was a perfect angel for my family, and they all loved every second with her. They took her on walks, played with the animals, went to the zoo, out on errands... My mom was so funny at one point I talked to her and she said, "this is so much fun, but I haven't gotten a single thing done all week!" The first morning we had her back she called me and said, "I miss her already! I just woke up and she wasn't there..." I love that she loves Aurora so much and it shows in everything she does and says. With that going so well, we have no reservations about leaving her with my mom when we go to Vegas in November [CANT WAIT FOR VEGAS], or for the week of Thanksgiving or the week between Xmas and New Years that our sitter is also off and we have to work that M-Wed. THANKS MOM - You're the best!

Anyway, so we kept ourselves busy, with plans every night. We skyped each afternoon after work, and called to check in many times a day. Our "busy" plan actually backfired though, and Ryan got VERY sick, and is just now finally almost over it. My mom dropped Rory off on Friday (which Ryan had off). Ryan said she was more excited to see Guinness than him. When I got home though, she had already said hi to her best bud and she was excited to see me. I have a feeling if I was in Ryan's shoes though she still would have been happier to see Guinness.

Anyway, we have our little girl back and life is back to normal. Aurora is turning more and more into a little person every day, who clearly expresses her needs and desires, and her talking is progressing. She says a number of words, the clearest basic ones are yes, no, dog, mum, dad, juice, and cheese. She is having way more fun now, laughing and giggling all the time when you play with her. (It used to be that she would smile pretty easily but it was nearly impossible to get her to crack up). Her two upper molars are mostly through, and no others are in sight yet. I was realizing since she got her first teeth at 10 months old and she is now 15 months old, she has gotten almost 2 teeth per month since her first! Poor thing that is so many teeth to cut all at once! Shes liking her books more too, she is starting to point to things in books, and we then tell her what they are. There is one Sesame Street one that talks about body parts and does something similar to the head shoulders knees and toes song and she does the whole thing with the book (clapping, touch your nose, where is your mouth, your tongue hides inside, wiggle your toes, etc.) sooo cute! Ill try to get that on video. But she is so funny when she knows she's on video she wont "perform" cause she gets distracted by it.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Fun!

Aurora is about to have a really fun week! She's staying with my mom next week. It was one of two weeks that our sitter, Diane is on vacation and my mom was sweet enough to agree to take Rory for the week so that we could work and save our vacation time. Her (Mopsey) and Grandpa Wayne are going to have sooo much fun. She's going to come back to us way too spoiled.

Ryan and I on the other hand, are going to miss our baby girl like crazy.... but will be taking full advantage of our time with no post-baby responsibilities. We will be going out to dinner, watching movies, taking long walks... all the things that you cant always fit into your schedule when you have to keep a little one on track and in bed by 7pm. Plus, my mom has skype, so we will be able to at least see/talk to her over the net for a few minutes a day.

Other than that, at 15 months tomorrow, her favorite new game is spinning in circles until she is so dizzy that she falls down. She's also finally started signing. Ashley had said that Boston started signing around 13 months, out of the blue after she had given up on it. Then Nicole was saying how Luke started signing a few weeks ago and I thought, well I should try it again then, and I did, and she is signing! Her favorite is "more" which is like clapping but with closed fists. She pretty much gives is that anytime she wants anything or more of anything. She understands the milk one but isnt good at giving it to us. I think she almost forgets or doesnt realize she is thirsty until we offer it. She is finally starting to *almost* sit still for books now. She will pick one out and bring it to you, and if it has very few words per page or you only read some of it and keep page turning at a quick pace, she will sit for it! I can't wait till she is really interested in stories and longer books, I will sit and read to her for hours. I'll love it.